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" i remember i was sad one day, and then i stopped being sad and started being awesome instead. true story"

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thats a fucking kindergartener… lol this is my longest relationship thus far. hahaha


I’m not very good with people.

maybe you ain’t meeting the right people.

You know those back handed complements that people dish out to each other like ” oh you look nice today except for that top ” or ” ohh that nude foundation blends real nice with your skin except you can still see the crows feet around your eyes ” well!!!! I found out that the back handed complement has a cousin… 

you know when you see someone that looks like shit and you want to comment that they look like shit, but you dont want to be rude and say they look like shit… I notice that when people say ” ohh you look tired ” or ” ohh rough night last night huh? ” you’re basically telling those people that they look like shit without offending them. 

Don’t get me wrong its not like I’ve never been told that, but I just think its so funny that if you word a phrase a nicer way that people will accept it and laugh about it. When really you’re telling them that they look like complete shit…


The wait is almost over.  [adult swim]

that cats so fucking viscous… hes like #2 in the red lantern rank

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There it is!!!!



There it is!!!!

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Hahahahaha took this picture in the restaurant and people were staring

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Dark Knight Rises Premiere

its like bane got called in on a sunday morning.